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Reconditioned Borg Warner Gearboxes Include a 12-Month Warranty From Sale.


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Borg Warner Automatic Transmission Reconditioning

The Borg Warner Automatic Transmissions are excellent gearboxes when in fully functioning working order. Unfortunately, mainly due to wearing of friction material (clutch packs and brake bands) they can become faulty and cause operational problems.

We offer a full reconditioning service which includes a full strip down and inspection of components, replacement of gaskets, seals and 'o' rings as well as replacement of worn friction material including brake bands and clutch plates where required. 

Reconditioned gearboxes are calibrated using Churchill Specialist Tools and fully re-assembled but will require new transmission oil. Click the button below which identifies the thorough process of a Borg Warner Automatic Transmission Recondition.


The Borg Warner Automatic Transmissions were used by many manufacturers throughout their production. The following vehicles implemented the Borg Warner Automatic Transmission from the 1960s to 1980s;

Triumph; Triumph Stag, Triumph 2000, Triumph 2500 Jaguar; Mk2 (2.4l & 3.4l), Mk10, 420G, E Type (Series 1 & 2), XJ6, XJ12, XJS, S-Type Daimler; Daimler 2.5 V8, Daimler V8 250, Sovereign, Limousine, Double Six, Majestic Rover; Rover P5, Rover P6, Rover SD1 Aston Martin; DBS6 Vantage BMW; 3.0L CSA, CSi 3.3L, 3.3L LiA  Ford; Ford Escort Mk1, Ford Capri Mk1, Ford Cortina Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3, Ford Corsair V4 MG; MGB Mk II, MGB GT, MGC, MGC GT Morris; Marina (ADO 28), 1800-2200 (ADO 71) Volvo; (1964 - 1976) 120, 1800, 140, 160, 240 Wolseley; 6/99 - 6/110 (ADO 10), Saloon (ADO 71) Austin; FX4-FL2, Westminster, 1800-2200, 3-litre (ADO 61), 18-22 (ADO 71), Ambassador, Van den Plas 4 litre Citroen; DS, SM Talbot; Humber Imperial, Alpine, Avenger, Hunter and Minx Fiat; 130 V6, 2300, 2800

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