Transmissions are fully stripped down and checked with inspection of all individual components.


Components are professionally cleaned and re-built with new gaskets, seals and friction material.


Brake bands and clutch plates are calibrated and tested to factory specification using Churchill Tools.

All Borg Warner Transmissions are subject to the following procedures during recondition / overhaul:

  • Full strip down of all individual components.
  • Industrial clean of gearbox casings.
  • Check and inspection of gearbox components.
  • Replacement of gaskets, seals and o rings.
  • Replacement of Brake Bands and Clutch Plates.
  • Pressure test of components.
  • Final clean and re-spray.

Borg Warner Transmission Failure

The most common failure to occur within Borg Warner Automatic Transmissions is the friction material. Clutch plates and brake bands will inevitably wear away to a point where the transmission will start to slip and lose drive altogether. The photo (right and below) provides examples of new and worn friction material, 'left to right'.


Typical symptoms of the above include excessive transmission noise, loss of drive in forward and reverse, excessive oil usage and / or intermittent gear changes. If you are experiencing any of the above it is likely the transmission will require a recondition / overhaul to rectify the issue. Please contact us direct for further diagnosis of an existing issue.

Borg Warner 35 Gearbox

Borg Warner Automatic Transmissions are now 60 years of age depending on the model of the transmission. Whilst these gearboxes will perform as well as they did when new, it is extremely important they are serviced and maintained, particularly if the history of the car and gearbox which is being restored is unknown.

All transmissions will be subject to a complete strip down of all individual components where they are checked, cleaned and tested prior to re-assembly. All reconditioned gearboxes will be subject to new clutch plates, brake bands, gaskets and seals throughout.

Friction Material

Whilst wearing of brake bands and clutch plates can be a common symptom of failure, there are also further problems which can occur if the gearbox is not serviced.

The photos below provide examples of metal to metal wear of a planetary gear carrier due to excessive wear of a metal bush within a Model DG transmission.


Calibration and Testing

Due to the hydraulic nature of the gearbox, all reconditioned units are calibrated and tested to factory specification before leaving the workshop. Calibration tests are conducted utilising controlled compressed air systems and Churchill Specialist Tools.


Reconditioned Gearboxes

Borg Warner Specialist offer a competitive price for our reliable reconditioning services. Depending on preference and circumstances, customers can either purchase direct (refer to gearboxes in stock) or supply their own gearbox and converter to us for reconditioning.

We appreciate there can be logistical challenges. If you are not local to our workshop, we can quote for a reputable courier to collect and return your gearbox to a chosen address of your choice. We frequently assist with this process particularly for customers internationally.

We will be in close contact with you throughout the reconditioning process. For customers with existing gearbox problems, we can advise which components have failed and provide photos for your reference. See our social media for example photos.


Reconditioning takes approximately 1 week from receipt of the gearbox. Once the reconditioning process is complete, we will be in touch to arrange collection or provide courier details depending on your preference.

Fitment instructions will be provided to avoid damage being caused to the gearbox. In the very unlikely event of failure, the gearbox will be covered under a full 12 month guarantee from date of sale. The unit will have to be returned back to the workshop by yourself.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for if you require further information or wish to provide details of an existing problem with your gearbox, we are more than happy to assist.

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